From Where Comes The Rainbow

It appears everywhere.

Whether in serene places or in the slums,

The same arc everywhere.

I heard even Noah did see it over his ark.

From where comes the rainbow?

I want to know.

Always bright and new but from ancient.

So high above the streams and so low below the falls.

I want to know,

From where comes the rainbow.


Mugu Yaro

Follow me.

My name is Mugu Yaro.

I lived through the darkness.

I have survived condemnation, alienation and starvation,

I have walked through the farmlands and the landmines,

Yet I never stepped on the gin traps and explosives set for me.

Follow me.

My name is Mugu Yaro.

I have survived disappointments, victimization and conspiracies,

I lived through the darkness,

Yet I am harmless.