Greed that Glows

They all want pieces of silver and gold,

Forgetting that,


Where ever there’s money,

There’s competition,


Where there is competition,

There is tension,


Where there is tension,

There is hyper-tension,


Where there is hypertension,

There is usually stroke,


And Stroke means you are halfway dead.

Money makes a lot of difference.


But at the critical moment of life,

Only your good deeds can save you.



My First Lessons in Life

Lesson 1:  There is more joy in giving than receiving.

Lesson 2:  Entrepreneurship is the best occupation in this world.

Lesson 3:  Love is the prerogative of the brave heart.

Lesson 4:  Listen more and speak less.

Lesson 5:  Never act out of ignorance.

Lesson 6:  Responsibility and self-reliance is the path to freedom.

Lesson 7:  The best advice always comes from strangers.

Lesson 8:  Learn to walk away from trouble. It doesn’t mean you are timid.

Lesson 9:  If you have a loving and a caring family, thank your god.

Lesson 10:  Remember to keep on moving – don’t spend your life blaming others.