My First Lessons in Life

Lesson 1:  There is more joy in giving than receiving.

Lesson 2:  Entrepreneurship is the best occupation in this world.

Lesson 3:  Love is the prerogative of the brave heart.

Lesson 4:  Listen more and speak less.

Lesson 5:  Never act out of ignorance.

Lesson 6:  Responsibility and self-reliance is the path to freedom.

Lesson 7:  The best advice always comes from strangers.

Lesson 8:  Learn to walk away from trouble. It doesn’t mean you are timid.

Lesson 9:  If you have a loving and a caring family, thank your god.

Lesson 10:  Remember to keep on moving – don’t spend your life blaming others.



3 thoughts on “My First Lessons in Life

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