In Search of a Good King


Photo credit: CMBowen


The Strivers are allowed every four years,

To choose which of the Kings must rule,

This season,

There are one and many men,

Some tall and hairy,

Others short and bald,

Some quiet and unassuming,

Others noisy and presumptuous,

Still, they all claim to be good kings,

I cannot tell which of them is a good king,

But I can tell which of them will become fattened and pomp,

By the end of his throne,

They all will.

And the servants – the poor servants,

With nothing going for them,

They must continue in their mining pits,

Day and night in pity and in hope,

For a good king who will not eat,

Until his servants have eaten.



2 thoughts on “In Search of a Good King

  1. Hi Tawia,
    Thanks for passing by and finding something to ‘Like’. 🙂
    The importance of good leadership, having a leader with intelligence, wisdom, fairness, humility and an acknowledgement that we didn’t make ourselves…
    Oh how we need more of them.
    Bye for now.


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