African Spirituality

A colleague blogger brought my attention to an unfortunate incident involving the loss of lives of innocent children and some adults in a school. The report said,

The small town of Newtown, Conn., was shocked when a gunman killed 27 people, mostly children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a school in the quaint community that parents call “an adorable little town…….

I know I should be concerned with happenings in Africa but I am afraid I desire a worldview of life and again death is something that affects everyone. Those of you with a moral mind will instantly question the mental processes that may have led a human being to take a gun, load it and shoot at random killing many people. For once these things seldom happen in African cultural setup.

It is true there is so much misery and unhappiness in Africa but the typical African need not to be taught to live for the common good. It is in our blood and our soul to sacrifice selfish desires for the good of our community. This according to many African or even Western scholars is due to our spirituality or our belief in an omnipresent God or some super human who governs us. Whether such a being exists is out of the question. The emphasis is on the common good.

There have been stories of African child soldiers but none of them will enter an elementary school and begin to shoot at random. Moreover it is evident that child soldiers were manipulated to do what they set out to do, whereas the incident in question was carried out by an individual who more or less feels ”trapped” or is believed to be mentally ill.

In a society where people live in ”watertight” compartments, where every one is chiefly concerned with him or herself, where the popular adage is, ”Well this is mine, go get yours”. It is likely that someday, someone will burst out with rage and say to himself…”Well these people don’t really feel my pain, they don’t care – perhaps let me show them how I feel by killing their children”.  This is what may likely have gone through his mind before he pressed the trigger. It is a spiritual thing.

My advice is very simple, this incident is not the first and will not be the last. I sympathize very much with the families of the deceased persons and may the lord accept their souls into the heavenly kingdom. I also believe sincerely that If we all cultivate some spirituality, we will prevent such happenings in the future as no level of investigations will bring the dead people back to life.


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