Give Thanks

Many of us forget our parents when life is sweet. We come running only when we have problems in life. There are also some of us who believe that our father or mother, especially the latter had a bad influence on us hence we stay away for long periods. No matter how bad your mother is, as long as she did not strangle, choke or dump you in a sewer when you were a baby, nothing should stop you from loving her – at least from a distance.

Remember, your parents may have done whatever they did with the little knowledge and resources at their disposal, so don’t get mad at them. Nobody said life was going to be easy. We often allow others into our life to reap where they did not sow, so we must as well send some of the harvest to those who actually sowed into our lives – our parents.

Do you know the worst fear of all mothers? That is to lose their beloved son to another woman. If you don’t have anything to give, just call them and say ‘Thank You’.


3 thoughts on “Give Thanks

  1. Some nice words…
    I am grateful for my mum and appreciative that my dad played his part (albeit a small one).
    I didn’t experience that “fear” from my mum, she was glad and happy to know that I found someone to love me, as I her.
    My mum was never the interfering woman who refused to let go and for that I truly give thanks. 🙂


    • Thanks Phil. I agree not all mothers feel that fear. In Africa marriage is a union between families not just two people. Socializing helps reduce tensions between in-laws. Thanks once again, all this while I thought I was speaking to myself.


      • You’re welcome Tawia,
        The Asian & Jewish cultures also bring the family ‘heavily’ into things…and as I have connections to all said cultures I fully understand.
        I still think every mother’s or parents greatest fear is the fear of losing their child to death & having to bury their child.
        I fully understand it’s cultural but some mothers really do need to step back a bit. 😉
        Have a good week.


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