The World Will Never Change


Perhaps the world will never change.

In spite of the fact that the last twenty or so centuries saw the

Greatest religious figures,


It is common knowledge that humanity is just moving in circles.

There appears to be, at the center of the circle of life,  a huge ditch (death)

But in the so called civilized world death does not matter.


Everyone is hastily trying to get ahead of the other.

And at the end anger, jealousy and betrayal become seeds

That bear crime and punishment as fruits.


Perhaps the greatest man is one who has been

Able to change nothing but himself.

Nature is pure and complete, it’s humans who are not.




O, Life



O, life!

Of what is this

Dreamy furnace?


Where today a just man lay

And the next, he decay.

Thou art fair, o! life.


For he was ninety-five,

Behold!  he departs

For a higher duty.


Here lies a man

Who has done his duty

on earth.



Love Is Not Blind

LOVE copy

Love sees everything.

But it is interested in that which feels good.

So love is not blind as is popularly believed. Love sees.

There was a rich but ill-mannered young man

And a poor but beautiful well-behaved girl.

When they fell in love, you couldn’t tell

They came from two different worlds.

But he knew she was poor and

She knew he was ill-mannered.

Love is not blind. Love sees!

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