One Big Happy Family

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This holiday was most memorable.

For the first time in a decade or so,

I felt as I did a long ago.


When you are around family

You can feel the warmth of love –

You can sense it.


Everyone describes you as they knew

Many a year ago.

And then there is a  lot to eat and drink.


In my opinion

Most of us don’t really need therapy.

What we need is one big happy family.


4 thoughts on “One Big Happy Family

  1. I think we have to differentiate between the families we start and the one that started us. I’ve got a great marriage and kids, but no one can choose their parents, siblings, aunts and uncles. The family we don’t/can’t choose is most often the source of unhappiness, I think.


    • Not entirely. The families that started us often leave us midway, so surely we can recover from whatever disadvantage we think they gave us. But the ones we started are far more crucial because we look up to them as a more compensatory source of happiness. I maybe wrong though.


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