Brave Heart

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The best way to teach someone

How to love is to love him or her.

It is interesting….

When was the last time you heard someone


Tell her husband or indeed his wife,

“Hey! you are not loving me enough.”

People don’t normally say that,

But you can tell they are hurting inside.


We all yearn for love

But no one asks for more love

Because the pain is greater

When denied.


And maybe many people have chosen

Singlehood because they

Are not brave enough to

Risk loving others.


4 thoughts on “Brave Heart

  1. Love, both giving and receiving, can be difficult. The disappointment of not receiving what one needs and yet not being able to ask for it can cause a lot of misery in our lives. But, ultimately, we can’t do without love. We have to risk it – without it, life is almost meaningless, don’t you think?


  2. Certainly, I do think so. I cannot imagine striving after all the good things in this world without having anyone to share my joys and or sorrows with. I think the whole love thing is like a journey. We can find neither a perfect bus nor a perfect driver but we have to go on the journey. If it works out, then what is the risk? If it does not work out, well there are still good times to remember.


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