The Slaving Of The Soul For The Body

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If anyone thinks he needs more money

In order to fulfill the desires of the flesh.

His soul is burdened to find the means.


So day and night sleep escapes him

And in trying to gratify his fleshly desires

The soul is thereby enslaved.


We are taught that the soul is divine

And that it alone must rule the flesh.

For the soul and the flesh are opposites.



Dying Cultures


Beautiful culture –

Beautiful people.

This is a traditional

Dance by the Ewe tribe.

I see myself soaked in sweat

And moving in circles.

And chanting…

But civilization, like a boa constrictor,

Is eating all of our traditions.


♫ …”Nor ngor”- meaning lead us or stay ahead…♫



Love Is Strange

In most cases,

The person you are madly in love with

Is not likely to feel anything for you.

On the other hand,

The person you don’t  find attractive –

Whom you hardly notice.

That’s the one willing to die with you.

Love, really, is a very strange thing.

And it often comes with some tragedy –

You remember Romeo and Juliet, don’t you?

Perhaps that’s why the heart beats faster

And the throat tightens and we tremble.


N: I read this somewhere and I think it worked for me: “Love is the affinity experienced between two people who are naturally able and willing to tune into one another’s emotional, intellectual, and physical states – and respond to them in a nurturing and a stimulating way.