Go Where They Need You

image source: agentur-focus.de

image source: agentur-focus.de


If you build houses

Go where there is homelessness.

If you are a healer

Go where there is illness.

If you can teach

Go where there is ignorance.

If you can preach

Go where there is immorality.

If you can lead

Go where there is indiscipline.

If you can sing

Go where there is despair.

If you are rich

Go where people are weak.

If you build bridges

Go where the rivers are.

If you write

Go where there is no truth.

The universe is waiting for your single act

of kindness.




Harmony In Chaos

The Sea of Chaos (http://aexion.deviantart.com)

There is harmony in every chaos

And chaos in every harmony.


The harmonious sees harmony.

The chaotic sees chaos.

The discordant sees both.


There is harmony in every chaos

And chaos in every harmony.



Beware! The Emptiness of A Busy Life

image source: sheknows.com

image source: sheknows.com


We always hear them

Say “I am busy.”

So busy that they do not

Have time to rest and enjoy.


While we cannot carry

The fruits of our labour

Into the grave, we have

All the time to sleep there.


“All is vanity,” said the preacher.

All – everything is vanity.

As a youth I dedicated myself

To finding the meaning of life.


And now I know that as

Long as death lingers on

Life has no meaning.

And there are certainly no rewards


After death.

The only reward is here and now.

Let us eat good food and drink good wine

And continue to make passionate love.


For tomorrow, only our bones remain.

Beware! The emptiness of a busy life.

Our Father Which Art In The Castle


Cartoon by Daavi – (graphic.com.gh)


Our father which art in the castle,

Hallowed be thy name.

Thy next four-year-term come.

Thy will be done in the jungle

As it is in the republic.

Give us this day, please, our daily bread.

And forgive your critics and the opposition.

As we are all one people.

Lead us not into misery and ethnic conflicts.

But deliver us from thieves, criminals and traitors –

For yours is the whole nation.

If you fulfill our needs,

The power and the votes are all yours.

Forever and ever,