Religion Is Tearing Humanism Apart

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Dear reader, have the girls been brought back?

I read there has been a couple more bombings and abductions.

I cannot understand why a god will tell his followers

That any other human who does not believe in him (the god)

Must be slaughtered.

This whole vengeance killings has a long history.


Many think it is Muslims against Christians.

But some Christians have also murdered Muslims in the past in Nigeria.

That is religion for you.

Surely, you remember how, in the Bible, ancient Israelites slaughtered

The pagan prophets of Baal.

These two religions will tear humanity apart.


I quit church fifteen years ago because they would not allow me to ask questions.

Just when we take guns or knives or spears

And confront another of our kind.

Our humanity has been lost.

We are now Homo erectus (not sapiens)  irrespective of

Our religious affiliation.


The contradiction is that religion is supposed to unite people.

And primarily, promote human welfare.

But here we are.






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