The Soul Vacates The Body During Sleep

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In the affairs of this world, we are at times overwhelmed with daily responsibilities as a result of the ultimate aim of putting up a modest house of our own or buying a car or taking care of the family. Not to talk of our duties to the state or provinces in which we find ourselves.  This implies that the human soul has no time at all to rest.

Sleep, therefore, is the only thing that affords the soul time to liberate itself from the burden of the material world. When the soul vacates the body during sleep, it travels, faster than perhaps sound into distant lands. Lands it may have seen and wished it was in. The soul knows nothing of time but it can tell of things that will occur in the nearest future in the physical world.

At dawn nearing sunrise, hurriedly, like a caring mother, the soul journeys back and once again puts on the burdensome cap of consciousness, until  night time approaches again.

One things is clear though, the soul is not trapped as most people believe. In fact it leaves the body out of its own free will, as a bird flies out of its cage when bored. But when the soul is forced out of the body or fails to return from its journey as a result of circumstances beyond its control, we experience what is called coma or at worst death. Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “The Soul Vacates The Body During Sleep

  1. I’m a shamanic practitioner… I leave my body by choice through drumming and journey to the other worlds. Google “shamanic journey” if interested… You uploaded a good post to inspire discussion…


    • Thanks DougDoesLife. I believe primitive religions are more authentic although I do not practice shamanism. In African religions, one can assume possession of even animals during drumming & dancing. The good thing is that it has a liberating effect. In writing this, I was trying to get in touch with something deep within.


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