The World Preys On Weakness

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When I give birth to my first child. The first thing I will teach him or her is self-defence – at age six. I will teach him  to defend himself from everyone including me. The world preys on weakness. If you observe, you will notice that people punch you where you told them you are weak. And then they move away where they know you are strong.

At age nine, I will regularly buy my child newspapers and let him read them out to me for discussions. At twelve, he will have to know all the articles in the constitution and if possible, exploit them. By age sixteen, he should be out there flying on his own. Funny hah!

I have always had the feeling that I could teach my own children better what they really need to know about life. That the wolf, no matter how nice or friendly he is, is not a friend of the chicken or any of the chicken’s predecessors.


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