The World Is Like A Big Shopping Mall

hearder image


Then spake he to his own heart:

“Aah! I have gathered enough, now must

I make time and enjoy very well.”

But in the night, behold, his “battery” run down.

And in the morning he was soon to be caste into

The grave like a dead dog.

Perhaps, the world is like

A big shopping mall with

Impenetrable walls around.

We mortals are free to enter

And pick anything of our choice.

But we must come and go empty-handed!

The greedy ones are

Quick to seize as many goods

As they desire – some they don’t even need.

But on exit, lo, the the surplus

Goods are impounded and sent back to the mall.

But we must come and go empty-handed, remember!

So brothers and sisters,

Friends, colleagues,

Loved ones,

Why do you frustrate your own spirit?

Please enjoy! while you still can.




N: Needless to say, I just bequeathed  20% of my benefits to a  local orphanage.



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