Years ago,

When his soul was still young

Arrows were shot at him.


Wherefore he fell

And lay on the ground helpless.

Many more arrows flew in like rain drops.


And he lay face downwards.


They thought he was going to die


And they said, “let us bury him

For he will never live again.”

But there emerged a second soul


Out of the first – littler but stronger (a split)

And this little one dragged him into a lair.

Where he stayed until he became a man.


Now, every day he sees those who shot at him.

And he tells them: “Hey you owe me an apology.

You wounded me many years ago with your arrows.”


But each time they answer, saying:

“Who are you? We do not know you. We never shot at you.

Even if we did we were trying to protect you.”


hearder image


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