All Lives Matter, Not Only Black Lives


There is a general decadence with teens of today. But the situation seems to be worse with black teens. When you are an organisation that says “black lives matter,” you ought to protest even when a black person murders another black person. But so far there is protest only when a white person murders a black person. I do not know if us, black people, have a problem with discipline because most black communities around seem to have a problem with discipline. Or maybe it’s a general breakdown in law and morality in this modern times.

Even if one is legally in an area and a police man asks you to leave for purposes of peace and order, you obey, then you can later fight for your constitutional rights in a court of law if you have suffered any inconvenience or loss. Under no circumstance should a person resist, or try to escape arrest or disobey a police man’s orders. The police has been given the authority to use force, if necessary, in the maintenance of peace. Many black people make conclusions based on prejudices but I can say, confidently, that the end of slavery itself was brought about by a significant number of white abolitionists. Not every white man is an enemy and not every black man is a friend.

The commonest argument against the Eric Casebolt incident that happened over the weekend was that the cop used excessive force and that the teenagers were unarmed. The question remains:


No sane policeman will be provoked to the extent of shooting when he asks questions (to be sure you are not a criminal) and receives polite answers or when in simply doing his job there is no significant threat or that when he tells you to stop, you start to run. Black youth are sometimes very violent and our task is to educate them. According to the story, cops had a call that there was a disturbance. As soon as they arrived, they witnessed the disturbances themselves including physical abuses on neighbors and possibly verbal abuses. What were they supposed to do when the teenagers refused to disperse? I am not saying it is right for a policeman to threaten to shoot them with a gun but he is also human and simply acting out his mandate. Who said teens can’t stab a matured man with a broken bottle or knife and does he have to see it before knowing he could be stabbed. Many of the demonstrators in the Baltimore riots were unarmed teens but they were able to vandalize a police car and set it ablaze.

Black people have the right to enjoy all freedoms including protesting but we must also teach our children the essence of the law. We must instill discipline in them. In my country a man was shot dead by the police because he had broken a curfew and had resisted arrest. Another was shot dead because he trespassed and tried to obstruct a mandated demolition of a house. Policemen in all parts of my country often shoot innocent people when they resist arrest or try to escape. It’s not a race thing. It’s a discipline thing. Let’s take the race out of it.

When one resists arrest one is sending a strong message (of violation of the constitution) to the police and the police can shoot you when they feel threatened. At worst, the only repercussion is to lose his job but not his life. Hypothetically, even the president must obey orders from the police. They are the enforcers of the law and they are there to protect everyone. As black people, the best way to get the respect and the good treatment we deserve is not to constantly protest (as in the Baltimore riots) but to contribute to the betterment of humanity. I am so sick and tired of hearing black people complain all the time about racial discrimination. Nobody said life was going to be fair. Solve a significant problem and you will be rewarded and respected by everyone.


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