God And Law

At what point does God’s authority supersede the judge’s authority? God can condemn, the Judge can also do same. The Law has all the supremacy of God. Whilst the moral man looks up to God or the gods, the cunning one looks up to the law so that he may find a way to exploit it. In the affairs of the state, it’s not the rule of Gods but the rule of law. So we can say that God or gods occupy a certain domain of reality far from worldly reason but not out of touch with our personal realities – in as much as the rule of law does not mean there are no incredible interventions. I hope I’m making sense.


3 thoughts on “God And Law

  1. A benefit of catching up on your posts backwards: I just finished reading Big Bang Theory… and you said that the evolutionary timeline doesn’t negate the creationist timeline, but it does offer more detail. I wonder if the same could be applied to law. There is God’s law, but our courts and judges apply more detail.

    I do have a cynical response to your post as well, however, because I see examples of the belief that God’s law supersedes man’s law. While I understand the theory of that is good: the intent of God’s law is to keep people honest, true, faithful, etc., there is a problem when man interprets God’s law in ways that do not match the good intentions of the judges. In some of these cases, humans believe that God wants us to take the law into our own hands. An example of that is when cartoonists and doctors and bloggers are murdered for expressing their beliefs.


    • My good friend, I think you have a point on “the intent of God’s law” ie to make people honest, truthful and faithful but it takes a long time to know a people’s true nature in order to judge them. Also, I still can’t settle on one definition of who or what “God” is. Maybe he is the universe. Religion is an extension of oneself.

      I know many people do horrible things in their God’s name and I believe there is no justification for any form of violence. That is why I remain a humanist. We, as a people must strive to respect each others “sacred” mental images. Yes, one is free to express one’s opinions but to desecrate someone’s God (even if it’s a piece of wood or stone) is to insult his very existence. I hope you understand what I mean.

      Most people say God is love and truth and I think they are right but I found out that where there is harsh truth there is usually no love, or that love fails to manifest. All truths must be given with love if it’s to be accepted.

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