Will and Desire

The permanent and persistent striving for a particular state of internal affairs which is usually reflected outwards – this we will call the “Will.” A person’s will emerges and stays with her or him from childhood until death. For instance Nelson Mandela had a “Will” to Justice. Kwame Nkrumah had a “Will” to Freedom and Self-determination.

Another thing is that it seems the “Will” can never be altered but its methods of fulfillment are what can be changed. Suppose that a person’s will is to become a musician, he will be from infancy, built for language and interested in all kinds of percussion instruments. Nature has ascribed that to him or her as a result of the need to fill a vacuum. Nature always fills a vacuum. The will, as compared to desire, goes down to the root of the individual’s personality and takes longer to fulfill.

From my understanding, “Desire,” is simply a hungering, usually for things that are material for temporary satisfaction. Therefore, here, we have identified some major difference between “Will” and “Desire” and that is, whereas a desire is temporary and volatile the will is permanent. Should we not then prioritize our will over our desires?


Run To Sea


The monster which one has fought

Is that which one will continue to fight –

If one remains true to oneself.

But you may run to sea if the monster appears again.

Run to sea – bury yourself in the sand –

The cold sand.

Let the brine sweep over you.

And inhale the sweet breeze.

After which you may go back home.

And I guarantee you will feel better.

A lone time spent at seaside is never wasted.

Revealing Truth Causes Chaos

Anas, an incredibly talented investigative Ghanaian journalist, has been able to secretly film at least 34 judges, including high court judges allegedly accepting bribes in return for passing lower sentences or acquitting criminals altogether. The news which broke last month shocked everyone. Many people are calling for the implicated judges to be suspended or dismissed. But I don’t think that will be enough to deter others. Simple dismissal is not the equivalent of miscarriage or abatement of justice. In fact dismissal could mean unlimited freedom for these allegedly corrupt judges. But of course not all judges are corrupt. I know that there are many who are fair in the true sense of the word.

If the evidence Anas has provided is sufficient proof, then I believe the law is supreme and must be applied. The most valuable thing a person has is his freedom and when that is rightfully taken just as it’s done to others, then we can be said to be serious about justice and equitable law enforcement. Keep in mind, that, justice is the prelude to peace. Considering the widespread allegations of corruption and bribery that hits the country every now and then, and now creeping it’s way like a virus into the judiciary, Ghana’s democracy is likely sitting atop a volcano.

In every organized system, revealing or speaking truth creates chaos. But that chaos is needed to completely turn the situation around sooner. To avoid the chaos is to postpone the change.

Very recently, Anas was expected before the judicial investigative committee which resumes work this week but it was reported that three hooded men, dressed almost the same way arrived at the premises of the court leaving onlookers with no clue about which one of them is the real Anas.

Since truth has no place is this fallen world, the best way to present undiluted truth, if one must, is to constantly mutate one’s identity. I believe it’s an excellent thing he did.

The photographs remind me of the Ku Klux Klan but in contrast these guys are clearly aiding Anas and therefore the state in its fight against corruption.