Run To Sea


The monster which one has fought

Is that which one will continue to fight –

If one remains true to oneself.

But you may run to sea if the monster appears again.

Run to sea – bury yourself in the sand –

The cold sand.

Let the brine sweep over you.

And inhale the sweet breeze.

After which you may go back home.

And I guarantee you will feel better.

A lone time spent at seaside is never wasted.

9 thoughts on “Run To Sea

  1. True. It presents no perculiar emotions nor conflicts and therefore restful to look at. One can also see far into the horizon-no distractions at all.

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    • It also highlights the smaller and often overlooked moments in life. Every time you visit the sea, there will be children taking joy in the simple act of splashing each other, couples both young and old, enjoying the sea breeze and those like us- who came for the peace. The peace provided by nature that doesn’t take, simply gives.

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  2. Nature indeed is so kind. Such a place as the seaside epitomizes boundless freedom. Also, at the seaside one can see the end from the beginning. It is therefore an ideal place to clean and refresh one’s heart and mind. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


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