Will and Desire

The permanent and persistent striving for a particular state of internal affairs which is usually reflected outwards – this we will call the “Will.” A person’s will emerges and stays with her or him from childhood until death. For instance Nelson Mandela had a “Will” to Justice. Kwame Nkrumah had a “Will” to Freedom and Self-determination.

Another thing is that it seems the “Will” can never be altered but its methods of fulfillment are what can be changed. Suppose that a person’s will is to become a musician, he will be from infancy, built for language and interested in all kinds of percussion instruments. Nature has ascribed that to him or her as a result of the need to fill a vacuum. Nature always fills a vacuum. The will, as compared to desire, goes down to the root of the individual’s personality and takes longer to fulfill.

From my understanding, “Desire,” is simply a hungering, usually for things that are material for temporary satisfaction. Therefore, here, we have identified some major difference between “Will” and “Desire” and that is, whereas a desire is temporary and volatile the will is permanent. Should we not then prioritize our will over our desires?

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