My Mother


My mother is 70 years today.

She is till strong, after delivering 7 children.

The last time I visited she started complaining of hearing loss.

She said the nurses refused to wash her ears for her.

And I told her the nurses might be right:

“Your eardrum could be weak and the washing could damage it further.

You should be glad your eyes are still intact.”

Mother can walk about energetically and do everything herself.

And sniff like a cat.

She can smell people miles away and

She knows whether or not any of us bathed before napping

And if you did not, you are sure to receive flogging in middle of the night.

Those were times when training and disciple were mandatory for children.

Now mother is 70  and I hope she gets another 30.

However, sometimes I worry about her memory.

She often speaks of things that happened about 40 years ago,

When I was not even born, as if it happened recently.

I don’t want to believe she has memory loss

Because her accounting is excellent.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that she is and has been a trader all her life.




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