What is normality?

I have been wanting to ask this question as far back as last year but couldn’t really find a way to frame it well. What is ‘normality’?

Supposed that one wakes up tomorrow and saw that everybody was walking about completely naked – even at school or at work. In fact every social gathering is filled with people in the nude. What will be one’s reaction? One will likely immediately feel embarrassed for fully dressing, go back home or to the washroom, undress and come back in order to fit in. Same will apply to whether one woke up and saw people walking backwards. Thus the question arises, is something normal because it’s commonplace or is it normal because it’s appropriate or right to do?

Would you steal, accept bribes or commit adultery simply because it is common place in society or would you rather refuse to do these things because refusal is right? The pressure in society, to conform, is strong and can be reflected even in the kind of traditions or laws in place. But the reward of doing the right thing is superior and far reaching and ultimately good for yourself even if it means being labeled abnormal. Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “What is normality?

  1. Normality is relative. What is normal today was abnormal someday. And what is abnormal today would be normal someday. Doesn’t matter what is normal for the world, till its normal to your soul and conscience. Your conscience is always right, the only problem arises with the lack of courage to follow it.


    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. To follow one’s conscience or even to think for oneself, you will agree with me, is not common among the masses. It takes great courage to follow one’s own conviction. One is often denied certain things in society if one thinks independently. So well said. You summed it up. What we need is courage. But don’t you think that there may be universals since we all have a conscience.

      Also, thank you for your kind message. Be well.

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