The Pantheist Apocalypse

Last night I had a religious moment. Mother Nature appeared in my dream and I had disturbing visions of the Pantheist Apocalypse, also called the “Great Rebirth”. According to my dream, there will be terrible darkness on the surface of the earth. The moon will not give of its light. The satellites in space will fall and be dashed to pieces. The cosmos will suddenly begin to shrink and “civilization” will be rolled back and all nuclear weapons will be submerged under the deep blue sea. Man will finally be defeated. The last of men will run back into the cave where he belongs and black ants will have dominion over him there. This event spells the defeat of man (not the devil) and the rebirth of nature. But the exact date of this event is unknown to everyone except nature. 


144,000 People Will Enter Heaven According to JW

Jehovah Witnesses claim only 144,000 people will enter the gates of heaven and these have already been chosen. Great! I’m African and obviously not included since the 144,000 are all Hebrews- favourite sons of god from the 12 tribes of Israel. 

I asked one of them, “If I’m not going to heaven why do you want to preach to me?” I’m earth bound right? Then allow me to decide how to live happily while I can. I will much rather seize my happiness in the here and now since the candidates for heaven have already been chosen.

Am I the only one who thinks the idea of having only one tribe or group enter heaven is ridiculous? Anyway, I’m going to drink red wine this evening but I promise I will not get drunk.