How “social” is social media?

The internet has caused an explosion of information and knowledge that has never been experienced before in the world. Only four decades ago the conversation I’m having now would not have been possible because there was no world wide web. But what real personal value is there in social media? I’m not on facebook, I’m not on twitter, I’m not on youtube, never been on Instagram or snapchat etc. I was once on reddit but the language is so dirty I have had to close my account. I still like to interact online with people but my interest in social media is gradually waning and I think it’s because of the following 6 reasons:

1. People on social media are often the opposite of what they present themselves to be. A person who appears happy, friendly and excitable on social media may not be sociable or friendly at all in real life. So you might want to rethink the idea that you’re connected to someone.

2. Social media is filled with too much intellectual rubbish. It accounts for about 40% spam on the entire web. Everybody seem to have their own version of the same truth. This creates a lot of confusion. If you are a factual person it’s far better to go to a library and read something decent and useful there.

3. It wastes a great deal of time. Ofcourse it’s good for people to interact. We’re social beings but some people don’t know when to stop or slow down. Hours spent on social media can be used to do something more productive than simply talking.

4. Social media is a cloak. People hide their true personality and identity which makes it useless should you record/save anything about someone you think you know. Names, Identities and web addresses can change at anytime. Are you thinking of online dating or relationships? Good luck! But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

5. Social media is filled with perverts, the most bizarre ones. On social media, they have a field day. You never know until the truth catches up. Some are lesbians, some are gay, some are zooerastians. The saddest part is that many people take advice from these “friends” on social media. Very sad indeed.

6. Social media is an ideological rubbish heap. You can meet just about any type of person who will reinforce any distorted notions you have about yourself, others or life situations. This makes it dangerous for young or inexperienced peope. If you’re thinking of ruining your own life through alcoholism, drugs or violence I bet you will find people on social media who will fuel these ideas. So how “social” is social media?

According to research, most people are influenced by what they see and hear on social media. I’m on WordPress because it’s more than just social interaction site. I’d say WordPress is a great place to train yourself if you’re serious about being a writer. Considering the huge information load on social media, the most valuable intellectual skills you can have is the ability to quickly and instinctively sift truth from lies.


The Creation Myth

If Creationism (the nudist escapade story in Soyinka’s words) is a fact then we can understandably say that it was not included in the plan of creation for mankind to be happy. Because the sweetest apple was planted nowhere but at the center of the garden. Was it supposed to be perpetually tempting or what?

Again, concerning creation, what can we say is the purpose of the life of tiny living organisms which are not visible to our eyes but which cause us diseases. Are these also created? By who? I have speculated before that maybe the devil also created certain microorganisms in imitation of the creator if there is one. And for god so loved the world that when he found out that the devil was antagonising him he kicked the devil out into the world.

Do you eat chicken, beef or mutton? Do you think these animals scream in excitement when being slaughtered for their meat? What would make one think one deserves eternal life when one slaughters animals enmass for their meat daily? Is it moral to eat other living organisms. If our mortality is as a result of we having violated life, then that makes more sense to me than to say we die because someone ate an apple many thousands of years ago.

Happy sunday!

Those who followed this blog recently, welcome to a meaningful and a meaningless blog.

My Mother


My mother is 70 years today.

She is till strong, after delivering 7 children.

The last time I visited she started complaining of hearing loss.

She said the nurses refused to wash her ears for her.

And I told her the nurses might be right:

“Your eardrum could be weak and the washing could damage it further.

You should be glad your eyes are still intact.”

Mother can walk about energetically and do everything herself.

And sniff like a cat.

She can smell people miles away and

She knows whether or not any of us bathed before napping

And if you did not, you are sure to receive flogging in middle of the night.

Those were times when training and disciple were mandatory for children.

Now mother is 70  and I hope she gets another 30.

However, sometimes I worry about her memory.

She often speaks of things that happened about 40 years ago,

When I was not even born, as if it happened recently.

I don’t want to believe she has memory loss

Because her accounting is excellent.

Maybe it’s due to the fact that she is and has been a trader all her life.



Death Comes, And Now Must I Make Known

Death comes, and now must I make known
That which my pride eternally
Prayed to withhold; for thee, for thee,
My heart has throbbed for thee alone.

The coffin waits! within my grave
They drop me soon, where I shall rest.
But thou, Marie, shalt beat thy breast,
And think of me, and weep and rave.

And thou shalt wring thy hands, my friend.
Be comforted! it is our fate,
Our human fate, the good and great
And fair must have an evil end.

Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)

Dusk At Seaside

….for your viewing pleasure. I love water and also blue is my favourite colour. The golden reflections of sunlight on the water was amazing. Of course the camera didn’t do this place justice.






After bathing, I sat facing this chair. Sometimes all you need is a little solitude.


This guy run across the view finder. I don’t know him.




I met a clown who acted for free.



That’s all folks!

A Walk In The Woods

Tafi Monkey Reserve.





Little shy fellow






Of course if you have bananas, forget about returning to civilization with it.







Look at this beautiful motion blur



You teach us your beautiful ways, O Mother Nature.
If anyone disobeys, with his life he is sure to pay.
We give you thanks O nature.
Great are the works which you have done.

The Essence of Discovery


“The essence of discovery is that it is the antithesis of boundary imposition. Power loves boundaries. Power manifests itself within boundaries, is exercised within some form of delimitations of territory…creativity itself is an affront, since it appears dedicated to the constant opening up of territory.”

-Wole Soyinka, keynote speech at the 78th PEN International Congress, September 2012

PS: This statement was made years back and someone misunderstood and asked on social media if creativity cannot take place behind the walls in Gaza (Israel?), apparently in reference to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The statement itself has nothing to do with the conflict in Gaza. It is a political, analytical statement. Look at Africa and see how many countries have been carved out of a single continent. Even Togo calls itself a country. This is because “power loves boundaries.” The European colonialists divided the continent of Africa (politically, economically, socially and culturally) among themselves and the black African presidents have not removed those boundaries because they are also enjoying the autonomy. The “wall” or territory that is being spoken of here is not a physical wall but a psychological wall. The first thing one does in order to consolidate one’s power whether in government, business, academia or elsewhere is to close psychological boundaries through propaganda – to make it look like something is only possible with his/their authority. Whereas creativity (in all forms) is self expression and is dedicated to truth, to psychologically breaking down those barriers and offering relief to the people and showing the way forward. It is only when we aim at transcending barriers that a significant discovery can be made. So the essence of discovery is the direct opposite of boundary imposition. You cannot censor people and expect them to make a discovery.


The theme of the conference was: “Literature, Media and Human Rights.”