A Dream

Last night I dreamt about the sea. 

Its waves so strong, it roared like a mob.

The sea overstepped its shores

And landed on a rocky Island.

I saw a lot of people including kids.

They were having fun in the water.

It looked like a vacation or something.

But some people also seemed like workers.

The water entered a glass building nearby

But nobody seemed alarmed, least of all me.

The strong waves was rather fun to watch.

I was fully dressed but when I looked down

I saw that my feet were buried in blue foamy water.

It felt very cold, then everything receded and

Lo, I’m awake.


Africa Anew



Whoever is weakened by the blazing sun should not despair.

A time comes when the sun will fall asleep and the moon will rise.

A time will come when everything that has withered will flourish.

The flowers, the trees, the birds, the fishes and you and I.


That time is called the time of Black Africa.

During this moments the earthworm, tired of burrowing, will come out

To take fresh air and the chickens will rejoice upon seeing him.

The pretty girls will play under the giant baobab tree which once stood


And the young men will wrestle each other for the prettiest.

The windows of every home will be opened to allow in

Fresh air – smelling of lavender and shea butter.

When you see these things, you will know that there is a new Africa.