The Conscious and The Unconscious

ID and ego

As we can see, of the two regions of the mind, the unconscious is the largest and a true representation of the person – except in the case of the rationalist. The conscious (ego) is simply a “rewiring” of the unconscious and through which one perceives the physical world. We can think of the unconscious as soil and the conscious as a tree that grows on the soil. The tree, the fact that it emerges in adulthood, owes its growth and strength to the soil and although it is prominent, it ultimately, is serving the interest of the soil (unconscious).

Freud and Jung often presented the conscious (ego) as a separate entity but to me, it appears to be an extension of one entity – whereas one region has to do with the inner world and the other the outer. Rationalists concern themselves with only reason and therefore the conscious, and they reject the supernatural and therefore the existence of unconscious. But the unconscious is very powerful, we owe all our mental energy to it. In fact even the ego, no matter how large it is, owes its energy to the unconscious and is easily crashed when it loses the backing of the unconscious. At one time, Freud retorted: “More people believe in the existence of the virgin Mary than in the existence of the unconscious mind.”

A collapse of the unconscious spells the end of one’s life. Of course, most people now believe in the existence of the unconscious but the delusion here is that, because the unconscious is difficult to understand the fact that it communicates in symbolic language, they believe the conscious mind is actually in charge. Yes it is, but only superficially. This scenario reminds me of a local watchmen who, whenever his boss is not around, posses as the boss and often succeeds in deceiving and taking advantage of young female visitors….but it’s only a matter of time that the true boss will be known.