Run To Sea


The monster which one has fought

Is that which one will continue to fight –

If one remains true to oneself.

But you may run to sea if the monster appears again.

Run to sea – bury yourself in the sand –

The cold sand.

Let the brine sweep over you.

And inhale the sweet breeze.

After which you may go back home.

And I guarantee you will feel better.

A lone time spent at seaside is never wasted.


A Bird

If I was a bird, I will

sing for those in despair.

I will fly high into the heavens and


send a petition to the gods.

Perhaps I will build my nest high

up in the midst of twigs and enjoy peace.


O, wind of the heavens,

redeem all venomous serpents

who dare the falcon’s flight.


And grant wings, I pray thee,

to those poor flightless rats

Who suffer the serpent’s wrath.


© 2014. Tawia Tsekumah.


Give Thanks To Mother Nature

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O, Mother Nature,

Thank you for your

Guidance and protection.

You have fed us throughout

Last year with gifts of fruits

And tubers and cereals and fishes.


And sunlight and the rivers.

You have done your best

To preserve our life.

As this year begins,

Make me more patient

And less obstinate.


More kind and

Less selective.

More discerning

And less presumptuous.

Help me to improve my arguments

Even when in possession of truth.


Take charge of my life.

And lead me to the

Fulfilment of my destiny.

Thank you O, eternal Universe,

For the protection

And guidance you

Give all of us.


I See You

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I see you.

In the midst of thousands of sayers,

I see you.

I only pretend I am not looking but

I see you.

You speak of homes and pools and flowers.

You speak of pain, sorrow and disappointments.

Still, you shine like a diamond.

I just don’t know what to say to you;

(I enjoy your photos).

Maybe we can begin with a dialogue

And see where the road leads.

No one can compete with you

For my attention.


Go Where They Need You

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If you build houses

Go where there is homelessness.

If you are a healer

Go where there is illness.

If you can teach

Go where there is ignorance.

If you can preach

Go where there is immorality.

If you can lead

Go where there is indiscipline.

If you can sing

Go where there is despair.

If you are rich

Go where people are weak.

If you build bridges

Go where the rivers are.

If you write

Go where there is no truth.

The universe is waiting for your single act

of kindness.



Love Is Not Blind

LOVE copy

Love sees everything.

But it is interested in that which feels good.

So love is not blind as is popularly believed. Love sees.

There was a rich but ill-mannered young man

And a poor but beautiful well-behaved girl.

When they fell in love, you couldn’t tell

They came from two different worlds.

But he knew she was poor and

She knew he was ill-mannered.

Love is not blind. Love sees!

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Times and Seasons

For everything,

There is a time and a season,

A time to yearn,

And a time to be fulfilled,

A time to be born,

And a time to die,

A time to weep,

And a time to laugh,

A time to lose your job,

And a time to gain another,

A time to be cold,

And a time to feel warm,

Just as the birds migrate according,

To the seasons,

So do us,

From one step of life to another.