Love of self

Those who have love in abundance do not normally base their love on reason. They love almost spontaneously because they derive some happiness or fulfilment from pouring their hearts out to others. The most impotent and fruitless form of love so far is selflove. It is without friction, as a result it’s like cold ashes and produces no flames. By self love I mean seeing and being concerned with only oneself in the universe.

Volitive selflessness

Volitive selflessness, I think that’s the definition of love. I may be wrong. But considering that most people are born narcissists, to love another person then requires a detachment from oneself. It involves a lot of effort on both parts. To be completely detached from oneself and to be attached to another human, then, is the goal of love, consequence notwithstanding. When two people decide to truly love each other their universe appears bigger, their experience of life lasts longer, their pain is less severe because it’s shared and most importantly their joy is frequent because there are multiple sources. This is possible only when two souls are sharing a single ‘self.’

Learn To Love That Which You Hate



Artwork by hiriell


Out of weakness, comes strength.
Out of ignorance, comes wisdom.
Out of evil, comes good.
Out of pain and sorrow, comes joy.
Out of darkness, comes light.
Out of penury, comes wealth.
Out of servitude, comes utmost freedom.
Out of hostility, comes friendship.
Out of the old, comes the new.
Learn to love that which you hate.



The Heart Knows The Way

hearder image

In all things

Let us focus on the heart.

The mind for the most part

Sees nothing but threats and


But the heart…

It can see far ahead.

It does not take no for answer.

In fact it does not even see hurdles.

The heart obviously knows the way.

It has the strength to endure

To the very end.


Love is a healthy madness. Everything in Life is an illusion except the loss of a loved one. If only true love can be replaced or even purchased, many people will be healed. My message for you this season is to forget your troubles,  get up and dance. This is the world, this is life. I had four dates this year. They all turned out to be total disasters. Somewhere next year, I will tell you about them. Just follow my blog, I promise not to bore you. Happy new year to everyone especially my comment followers. I do remember you all.