All The World Is But A Playground

All the world is but a playground,

Like the play of a young man and a maiden,

Like the play of a child and a balloon,

Like the play of kittens and puppies,

Like the play of a serpent and a mongoose.

All the world is but a playground,

Only to awake at the sight of our grave.


The World Will Never Change


Perhaps the world will never change.

In spite of the fact that the last twenty or so centuries saw the

Greatest religious figures,


It is common knowledge that humanity is just moving in circles.

There appears to be, at the center of the circle of life,  a huge ditch (death)

But in the so called civilized world death does not matter.


Everyone is hastily trying to get ahead of the other.

And at the end anger, jealousy and betrayal become seeds

That bear crime and punishment as fruits.


Perhaps the greatest man is one who has been

Able to change nothing but himself.

Nature is pure and complete, it’s humans who are not.



Africa Is A Beautiful Place


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The birds, the trees,

The animals and the people –

There is nowhere like Africa.

But of course it depends on


How one looks at it.

When you go to the restaurant

And a menu is presented,

You decide what you must eat.


It is the same with knowledge,

Especially about Africa.

To me, Africa

Means Abundance…

Greed that Glows

They all want pieces of silver and gold,

Forgetting that,


Where ever there’s money,

There’s competition,


Where there is competition,

There is tension,


Where there is tension,

There is hyper-tension,


Where there is hypertension,

There is usually stroke,


And Stroke means you are halfway dead.

Money makes a lot of difference.


But at the critical moment of life,

Only your good deeds can save you.


The World Mirrors Like A Calm River

My good friend,

I can’t keep sugar-coating this anymore:

You are the world,

And the world is you,

If you deceive the world,

You deceive yourself,

Your world is you,

And you are your world.

The whole world mirrors like a calm river.

Mugu Yaro

Follow me.

My name is Mugu Yaro.

I lived through the darkness.

I have survived condemnation, alienation and starvation,

I have walked through the farmlands and the landmines,

Yet I never stepped on the gin traps and explosives set for me.

Follow me.

My name is Mugu Yaro.

I have survived disappointments, victimization and conspiracies,

I lived through the darkness,

Yet I am harmless.