Some Notes On Education, Literacy, Intelligence And Wisdom


In ancient times, one goes to school or to put it properly, one enrolls in the lyceum in order to acquire a philosophy of life – in other words to prolong his life. Today people go to school in order to get fat salary and waste it on personal vanities. Dear reader I intend to keep this post short, keep in mind also, that, the definitions here are entirely mine, you will not find them in any dictionary:

  • Education means one has formally gone through an institution of training of some sought, for a specified period and at completion, he or she was handed a piece of paper which spelt out what he could do or could not do.
  • Literacy refers to the replacement of old ideas or thoughts with new efficient ones especially through reading or observation.
  • Intelligence simply means to profit or gain knowledge from experience.
  • Wisdom means to live in a way that ultimately brings happiness and deep fulfillment to oneself. Wisdom manifests in old age.

Now you will notice that all these are distinct attributes and it is possible to posses one of this attributes without having the other. In this our era there are more morons (for want of a better word) than there ever was in the history of the world. Many in the elementary schools are taught that moral values are relative, that it is better to lie than to admit one’s ignorance, that intelligence is how convincingly deceptive one is and wisdom is how beefed up one’s bank account is. And subsequently, the number of fleshly desires one can fulfill. They forget that, in a highly competitive world, an attempt to fulfill every desire could pose great danger to the individual. The whole world has derailed and gone mad. Failure of leadership coupled with failure of the entire educational system has brought nothing but misery to humanity. If we have to make the world a better place, if we have to teach our children the purpose of life, we would have to begin in the mind. It is good to nourish oneself with bread but that bread will pass out the next day. True wisdom is retained for ever and that is what one must seek. Ironically, it is free. The only thing it requires is time.