Office Gossips

hearder image

Ah! a little advice for the youth:

Be careful how you communicate

In the office if you are lucky enough to

Be in regular employment.

Sometimes you may be involved in

Informal conversations that seem

To gag your boss.

Some may say she or he has a pot-belly or

An ugly face; others may refer to some

Other obsession of him or her.

Be sure not to make any remark.

For the “birds” will hear your remark

And somehow, exclusively, report what you said.

All other gossips will mysteriously be left out.

I am speaking from experience.

Whatever you do, socialize, listen more,

But say nothing.


All life is but a Journey

All life is but a journey,

A very short journey,

If you get a good job and a good wife,

You will be happy.

If you get bad job and bad wife,

You will be miserable.

If you get nothing – like myself,

You will become a wanderer,

– Which is a good thing,

Because you get to know more.

And all life is but a journey,

A very short journey.